"Dinners In The Woods"

Surprise your loved one

request an excluvive and romantic dinner in the woods just
for 2!


Our "dinner in the woods" is an event not to be missed. It takes place during the summer season from June to September.

Be it on horse-back, on foot, or on-board of one of our 4x4 vehicles, the Guests set off at sunset and arrive in the heart of the woods where a candle-lit table and roaring wood fire await.

Bruschetta, Home-made pasta, pecorino cheese, BBQ locally selected gourmet delicacies are on the menu accompanied by Umbrian wine and completed with grappa and limoncello.

The sound of the crickets and the hum of the fireflies are joined by a rousing guitar and after a good sing along its time to remount and head off back to La Casella, guided by moonlight.

A magical and unique experience for all ages.
A true Eco Luxury Experience that can be lived by a group of people or even just a couple looking to enjoy a magical and romantic candle-lit dinner in the woods.