The equestrian center


 “When the passion is quivering inside you… your dream becomes true. The Man and the Horse: two souls, two sensibilities, two experiences that together generate VITAL ENERGY

The Equestrian Center La Casella was born in the eighties because of the owners love for the horse. The natural contest – exclusive and charming for those who love horseback riding in the countryside – has posted La Casella among the best locations for excursions on horse.

The federal instructor Tania Favaron is the responsible of the Equestrian Center La Casella. She is very appreciated by both the beginners and the expert, for her professionality and pluriannual experience.


Fantastic one day horseback riding with lunch in the woods


  • Pony Club
  • School for beginners and experts
  • Agonism
  • Lessions
  • Walk in the woods
  • Trekking
  • Training of horses and ponies
  • Boarding of horses (in the box or in the paddock)

We organize following events:

  • Fox hunting (simulated)
  • Treasure hunt on horse
  • Pony days and Parties
  • Summer camp


  • RIDE in the woods: 1 hour E 25,00 per person

(experience requested/ from 13 years)

  • LESSON: 1 hour € 25,00 per person

(for adults and children from 5 years/all levels)

Do you want to intensify the excitement of riding ?

*Package 6 hours (nominative) €150,00 

*Package 10 hours (nominative) €250,00 

Do you want to share the excitement of horse riding with your family?


 Mom, dad and kids all riding together at “La Casella”

 10 hours (per family) € 210,00

 Do you want to share the excitement of horse riding with your friends?


 The emotion of riding for 3 hours with your friends in the uncontaminated and wild nature of “La Casella”

 3 hour € 75,00 

 (a minimum of 3 friends – experienced and adults)


 crossing woods, rivers and meadows with lunch in the woods, getting back to “La Casella” in the afternoon

 (the reservation can be made in the reception)

 Do you want to have a rest and let us entertain your child?

 * BAPTISM OF THE SADDLE : the first approach to our pony friend: daily habits; small lesson of the grooming and saddling;

the baptism of the saddle (for children from 3 years)

 € 15,00 per child

*PONY DAY: In the stable: get to know the habits of the pony: the feeding and the grooming

In the paddock: to study the behaviour of the pony: when he’s alone and when he’s with other ponies

In the field: The Baptism of the saddle through a gymkhana


 TIME: 9.30 – 12.30 a.m. or 2.30 – 5.30 p.m.

 Participation min. 4 children (from 7 years) € 60,00

  • The packages and promotions finish at your departure

  • The discount of the packages and the promotions are not accumulative; these must be purchased in advance

  • Additional cost for daily or weekly insurance (earlier activation)

 Reservation and payment (cash) directly in the stable