Recreation and physical activities for our guests and their dogs

Dog agility and… much more

Dog agility (with obstacles)

Casella Dog agility is a non-competitive obstacle course but perfect to strengthen the relation and the bond of dog and owner, through moments of fun for both in a real team game on a basic path

Frisbee dog

It can be experienced by adults and children and by any breed of dog.
It stimulates the dog cognitive activity and its hunting instinct through the “toss and fetch” concept.
Just think about the effort that a dog must do in order to take the disk in flight: follow the disk with eyes, calculate speed and trajectory, run and jump to get the disc.
Moreover, for our dog, a few minutes of Frisbee dog are equivalent to a several kilometres walk on the leash.

Dog and nature

An ideal environment where to practice a complete sport such as walks with your dog on routes with different and progressive difficulties.

Dog Orienteering

Here you can train for a real competition on the paths we have signposted for our guests and their dogs.


The pleasure of sharing physical effort and immersion in the natural environment are the key elements of this discipline. Effort and joy come together in a mix of common aims and emotions, the harmony that emerges is unique and the experience is incomparable. So, the path run together is also a metaphor of the relationship between the runner and his or her dog.
You do not need to be a super runner and there are no limits of breed or size to practice this discipline.

Mobility dog

The Mobility dog is a non-competitive activity, for adults, children and any breed of dog, even at their first experience.
It is an excellent mean for improving dog inclusion and integration in social life.
The obstacle course is a normal educational path of the dog-handler couple, is funny for both the dog and the handler and breaks the possible boredom of a normal education training.

Dog scootering

Dog scootering is the new idea of wellness and relationship with your dog.
It is a sport that ensures you amusing time and totally safe entertainment to the dog.
Safer and more efficient than a bicycle, both for driver and dog, Dog scootering is a funny activity for sporty or quieter couples.
Dogs want to run, whatever breed they are. Now you can live this moment with your dog, keep pace with it and if your dog wants to “pull”, it can do it safely.

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